Sakshi Mittal

Isaaka is about individual reflection of your personalities within your home which is represented by our symbol, the fingerprint with I. We create products with a "never-seen-before" perspective that reflect your traits. We bring out the I in your home.
Isaaka was born out of sheer passion for arts, home and personal tastes of Deepika and Sakshi; a mother daughter duo, in 2017. They wanted artistic aesthetically pleasing home decor accents that expressed their tastes and personalities yet were extremely unique, fresh and aesthetically pleasing.
Their first vertical, 3D Wall Art is a concept that extends beyond the frames. The inner composition and the outer components of each frame are in continuation giving it a 3D effect. They have an array of collections that are catered to ones personal interest or likes. For eg; Roha; the first collection is focused on nature and flower lovers making it suitable for general interior spaces. The other collections consist of Games, Taste, Yaad, Raasta and Divine suitable for sport lovers, foodie, travellers etc. The other vertical is the Garden / Room decor figurines which accentuate an interior or exterior space. Made of Poly Resin, these figurines are sure to add a smile to your face and a cute element to your space.
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