Swiss Roll Magnet.

350 1 Piece

Those with a sweet tooth will love this Hand Crafted Magnet. Ideal for Miniature Lovers and for gifting. Can place it on your fridge to get inspired and make a real swiss roll,or at you work station to drool over.

What is special about it

This magnet is crafted with attention to detail,right from the messy frosting to the tiny orange slices. Every element is designed to make it look real and delicious. I have named it as a Chocolate Swiss roll,with Orange Flavored Cream Frosting. Yes the name helps in imagining how it would taste in reality. Material-Polymer Clay,MDF Base,Magnet. Dimension of the Whole Magnet Board. Length-1.5 Inch Width-1.5 Inch


Delivery Time : 3-6 Days
Delivery In : India

Passion came out of my obsession with making tiny trinkets from scratch with my own hands. Which is not only rewarding personally but keeps me going as well.