Chocolate Treats in Cage


25-30 pieces of assorted chocolates (Strawberry, Paan, Caramel, Butterscotch, Nuts, White, Crackle, Oreo, Bounty, Mocha, Milk) 10-12 pieces of assorted truffles ( Nutty, Chocolate, Oreo, Coconut. Bounty) 9-10 customizable message scrolls with pictures

What is special about it

So, the chocolates are vegan and they taste amazing! The decoration on the golden cage adds the attractive thing. The message scrolls are provided with pictures that too customizable.


Shipping Charges are additional!

The order once confirmed shall be dispatched in 2 working days

.Post dispatch it takes approximately 4-5 working days for the products to reach at destination, safe and intact!

Delivery Time : Delhi/NCR - 4-5 working days; Rest Places in India- 6-7 working days
Delivery In : All over India

Google defines passion as having a strong or barely controllable emotion. So is my case with chocolates, I love baking chocolates. My happiness is baking as well as eating chocolates :)