Vineyard Delight (Wine Wall Art)

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To all the Wine lovers / connoisseurs and classic folks, this Wall Art is an eye-grabber for your bar area, restaurant/cafe interiors, dining or kitchen! Enjoy your Wall Art with a glass of wine and have a relaxed and/or romantic evening with your loved ones. General Care: Wipe with a wet cloth Assembly: None required. Simply put a nail in the wall and hang it up 3D component: Cork, corkscrew, Grapes (artificial) Dimension: H 19″ W 11″ D 2″ (height, width, depth)

What is special about it

We believe and create products with a never-before-seen perspective. The inner picture of the frame and the outer component (extending out of the frame) are in continuation which gives it the 3D effect and a unique perspective. One can hang this on the wall and admire your true taste in your cozy space.


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