Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for All Registered Makers

  1. strictly emphasise on handmade and homemade products.
  2. Buying from the manufacturer and selling over is not allowed.
  3. Product should reflect your own creativity.
  4. The pictures uploaded should be of your own creativity, should not be uploaded from any other artist listed or picked up from the internet.
  5. Use of watermark on every picture uploaded to avoid legal issues.
  6. Employment of children in any form by the home entrepreneurs is strictly prohibited. Entrepreneurs should only employ those workers that are at least 18 years of age. All applicable laws relating to child labour including employment, wages, working hours, overtime and working conditions shall be complied with.
  7. The entrepreneur must be punctual while preparing the product and handing it over to the buyer on the requested time. The product must be prepared and packed in a proper manner to avoid any kind of problem to the buyer. The entrepreneur should be given enough time for the product preparation to ensure that it is delivered to the buyer in a timely fashion.

Code of Conduct for Bakers/Chefs

  1. It is recommended that the Baker/Chefs register with the FSSAI as a Food Business Operator (FBO). The chef can view the process on the following link- How to Apply.
  2. The chef is required to maintain proper hygiene to make and package the food. The Baker/Chef must have a clean and sanitized working environment in order to insure the food is safe to consume, without the food causing any health problems.
  3. The quality of ingredients used in the food should be of good (quality). Ingredients that are expired, stale, rancid, rotting, spoiled, amongst others should be avoided for use in the food prepared by the Bakers/Chefs.