About us

We believe that each Indian household blooms 'talent'. With this belief we are providing a platform to such hidden artists which will help them to grow and explore new opportunities. We are promoting a home based business which is close to and reaches hearts. Be it be a mother running her catering service for the young one living alone in town for eduction/professional need; a sister trying to bake a cake n cookies for her friend's party; Dearest Dadi making sweaters/blankies on arrival of little bundle of joy; an aunty making cushions/ bedsheets to show it to her kitty friends; a beautiful friend designing clothes to beautify others; bhabhi or cute friend making memorable gift item for the love birds.

A painter who adds color to life, a sketcher creating life art, villager making handicrafts to keep his ancestors art and teaching alive, a doctor or specialist making own medicated products and it doesn't just ends here...

As Shri Narendra Modi correctly quoted "India is a country of talented people and promotes Make in india", we also insist on "Make at home'

In a nutshell, Make In India begins with Make In Your Home, Make in Your Home begins with You.

Lets begin!