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Vaishali Tak

"Making my art and craft buyers smile with my each and every product has become goal of life." That why she feels when my customers are buying my products - they are taking my full heart with it and which makes me feel very happy every time someone makes a purchase from Vaishali's Art-Cart.
Vaishali Tak is full time mother and restless juggler in life - exploring her creative passion through her brand Vaishali's Art-Cart. Which was founded by her in 2016 and a name thoughtfully given by her loving life partner Prasad Shetty. Art and Craft now has become a way of life for her as she paints daily for 4 hours a day. Thats why she focus on making only quality products rather than quantity. Taking care of every minute details of her product is her perfectionist nature. With no support system at home she feels taking care of your children is non-escaping responsibility and that is why she took a break from her job in Clinical Research when Aarav (3.5 year old son) happened to her. 4 years back where she use to manage South East Asia as Manager now she manages everything right from her home, her son and her new passion of art with support of Prasad (her husband) and she says she is in the most happy place in her life right now.
Vaishali's Art-Cart is buzzing with new range of unique, quirky, ethnic, contemporary art and utility products for home and office decor. All art and craft pieces represents intricate designs and at most quality. You will see the range of product Vaishali's Art-Cart offers are - Clock (For kitchen, boy, girl, quirky etc), Paintings (abstract, modern, ethnic), Dot Painting, Fridge magnet, Jewel boxes, Nameplates, Card holder, Coasters, Photo frames, Key holder, Serving Trays etc.
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