Sapnaa Thakur

For us passion is '' Ideal piece of clothing. Something that can be kept forever, nothing too trendy nor dated. Something that people can't tell when you bought it , because clothes are more about intelligence, personality & style ''.
After Masters in Business Administration , worked for few years with immigration company. I did not knew how to stitch so joined stitching classes at Vocational Training Centre, Kota (my husband’s place of posting at that time) to make little dresses for my little daughter. I stitched my daughter’s 8th birthday dress, which she wore to her school. After getting praises for the dress, I found encouragement and decided to carry on with my passion. This passion became very therapeutic and helpful. I felt a fire inside and never wanted to let my circumstances define me. My mission became doing what I love and never give up on myself or my dreams. I started stitching clothes and was looking for a place to showcase my passion. One fine day, I decided to approach Ms Aneeta Anand, owner M’zuri sana (designer store). She agreed and her faith on me was so strong that I decided that I would never give up on my passion. I run a online direct selling clothing business and also use Facebook to promote my clothing designs. I run my business independently and love the power of internet marketing as well as forming new relationships with people. I attend public events to show and sell my clothing. I belong to Himachal, married and have one daughter . I can recall the day when I had carried sandook (box) full of handmade stuff to my daughter’s friend’s home. Her mother Muskan bought three dresses and gave an idea to start a clothing business. That's how facebook page SAANA was started in July 2015. My biggest challenges have been to maintain a balance between my passion and my role as a full time MoM & homemaker . Doing right from thread to the tag by myself, was a challenge in itself. Postings to places generally far away from hub after every two years - forming an ideal team was out of question. Searching a skilled tailor who can match to our quality of work & satisfaction was a task in itself. So I decided to start stitching with my own hands.
Dresses- (a) Casual Wear – Tops, Crop Tops, Tunics, Skirts, Frocks, Shorts & Jump Suits. (b) Formal / semi-Formal Wear – Dresses & Gowns. (c) Ethnic Wear – Lehnga-Choli-Chunree combo. Accessories - Hair clips, Bowties, Scarf & Stoles. Winters - Caps & Mufflers. Ideal for return gifts (a) Jute Bags - carry bags, bottle bags & tiffin bags. (b) Handmade Diaries - notepads, pocket diaries & dairies. (c) Homemade Candles - Coffee beans candles, ceramic cup candles, granulated wax candles etc. (d) Chef Caps & Aprons.
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