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Material : Discarded PET bottle plastic, leftover fabric, brass hooks and lace Dimension : 3*2 cm Trash to Treasure ~ The wonders that a craftsman’s hand can create, can be seen in this beautiful collection of earrings. These exclusive pieces are individually hand-cut by artists out of discarded cosmetic containers and embellished with leftover fabrics. The lightness of fabric and vivid Indian color and print pallet are sure to impart exclusivity with touch of tradition to the ensemble of modern day women.

What is special about it

Material : Upcycled earrings hand crafted with discarded PET bottle plastic, leftover fabric, brass hooks and lots of creativity Dimensions : 3*2 cm


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This is Gargi Parmar, a fashion designer by profession and sustainable product designer by passion. "Ba No Batwo" is my brainchild. With an honest intention and an endeavor to serve the already prospering eco-friendly/earth-friendly products trade, I have decided to add another dimension to it through Ba No Batwo. Inspired by my mothers ingenuity of being able to re-use and recycle almost anything and driven by the traditional Indian school of thought of living a sustainable life, Ba No Batwo aspires to spread Eco'ism'. The crux of Ba No Batwo lies in not only being able to sell the earth-friendly products that we make but also to create more and more awareness amongst people about how 'they' all can play their part in creating a greener and healthier planet.