Dream Catcher


The night air is filled with dreams. Dreamcatchers are conductor of positive energies and directs peaceful and beautiful dreams to the dreamer descending through the feathers whereas bad dreams get trapped in the web and disappear as dawn breaks. Dreamcatchers are Art and Crafts of Native American people. The original Dreamcatcher of the Ojibwa was intended to teach Natural Wisdom. Every Dreamcatcher we make is one of it's kind. We do not replicate most of our Dreamcatchers unless it is a demand from our clients. We customize Dreamcatchers as well as teach how to make one.

What is special about it

This product is unique as it is associated with mystery and legends of Native Americans. This was originally made by using all the natural material to give respect and show gratitude to mother nature. This is completely handmade and artisan takes a lot time to learn this craft in order to make a quality product. We launched our Dreamcatchers in India in the year of 2014 and after spending years in making Dreamcatchers, we have reached a point where we make EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED Dreamcatchers that


Available on request.
Delivery Time : 5-7 days
Delivery In : across india

Anusha Bhadauria is a Dreamcatcher Artist. :)