Hasth Nirmiti

Alka Singhal

Creating products that are stylish and easy to carry. The product aims to solve the problem of carrying a clutch that can store phone, money and anything that you want.
What can I say to convince you that I love the clutch? I don’t have a wonderful or moving story behind my reasons for making this, I just wanted to carry something that was easy to carry and super cool, elegant and had modern style, of course!— furthermore, that is the reason why I always carried different colours when I stepped out. Every time I carry a clutch people go crazy (yes, crazy!) asking me where did I get this from! I then explain them my mom made it.
Made of 100% cotton cloth Available in attractive colours 4 sizes available Uses: Use it as a clutch Use it as a Coin purse Gift it to your loved ones Envelope at wedding Store credit and debit cards
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