Splash n Shade

G Sandhya Shri

Water paintings, Pencil shadings and Pen art
"Art speaks where words are unable to explain." - threadless artist Mathiole. I'm 19, studying B.Tech Biotechnology. I've been drawing ever since I knew how to hold a pencil. Since then I've been continuously practicing. When I joined a drawing class under Preethi Ma'am, I learned everything I couldn't learn in all those years. Eventually I loved water paintings above all and concentrated more on it. My recent interest on pencil shadings was inspired by a friend who is brilliant in portrait sketching. Pen art was something I found along the way. Joining IMI has really made me more serious about my hobby. I am thankful for IMI for this opportunity.
Being an amateur I use ideas from other artists. Credits are mentioned in my posts. For further queries you can contact me through my Facebook page, @Splash.n.Shade
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