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Sudhanshu Madaan

One word that can describe my passion is "Creativity". I design and create candles in various shapes, colors, designs and patterns. Not just my creativity, I can give shape to anyone else's imagination into a candle.
I learnt candle making in class 8th and an extended version of it class 9th. First of all, I used to gift candles to my relatives and friends; then one fine day I thought of making money out of my creativity and skills. So, in 2011, I started selling candles to my mom's friends, dad's friends and to some local art galleries. But, I took it to social media platform in 2013 and started Facebook and Instagram pages. It was going pretty well, but eventually I got placed at EY in a campus recruitment session; one of the leading audit company and it offered the highest package among the companies that visited the campus. It is aptly said "everything comes with an expiry date", so my journey at EY expired within a span of 40 days. I left this job in order to follow my passion and let it grow and glow.
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