AV art and craft creations

Anushree Laddha

Making beautiful handmade gifts. Like scrapbook, cards, explosion box, other photo album, etc
One of my friend knows that my drawing is very good and I have made many greeting cards for different occasions, so one day she asked me an idea of handmade gift because she wanted to give to her elder sister on her first anniversary and she wanted something handmade. So I said Ok I will make something for your sister but it will take time, when I said it will take time she said she will also help me and we will make it together, so I was satisfied I said that is good idea. So we started making an explosion box that was the first time that i have made explosion box and it took more than 10 days to complete it. As we have to arrange everything to make it. It was my first experience of making explosion box. When it was ready, it was looking just amazing and actually it was very amazing for me also and I got too excited. Then for my another friends birthday I thought to make something handmade and this time I have made scrapbook and it was very wonderful. Actually people were giving me very nice compliments and some of my friends started giving me orders to make these things for their friends and relatives. Also they encouraged me to take it seriously and give your sample to some gift shop also, so I have given some samples but from there I didn't get many orders because these handmade products are more costly as compared to other gift items. And in Varanasi people are not ready to spend more money in these things as they don't have the value of handmade things, they don't know that it takes lots of time and efforts of the person and that is why these are little bit costly. So I have started AV art and craft creations and I started making different things also other than scrapbooks and explosion boxes and few days back through one of my friend I came to know about imi and I got myself registered here. Happy to join imi and I am very thankful to him and also to the person who has created this website for the hidden artists.
All the products are handmade along with your photographs and other messages that you like to give to someone.
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